Interior painting & decorating

We provide high quality interior painting and decorating services at affordable prices.

Whether the surface be wood, metal, plaster or drywall; our services include:

  • Bringing your surfaces back to life by careful surface preparation for instance removing dirt, grease and rust; surface filling and caulking; smoothing by sanding and priming
  • Creating bright and smooth painted surfaces by choosing the correct paint for the environment and applying it expertly to give sharp and true lines
  • Producing interesting textures by using faux and decorative finishes such as sponging, rag rolling, colourwashing, dragging and stippling amongst others
  • Giving wood that antique look by gilding with imitation gold leaf after first preparing and sealing the surface
  • Adding style to any wall by wallpapering. We carefully remove old paper, prepare the surfaces to create a smooth finish and size the wall before applying the paper with an extra strength adhesive
  • Creating further decorative effects by stencilling - using either stencils of your choice or for that unique look, a bespoke stencil!